Keysight N1655B Dual Line DS3/1, E3/1 Test Module

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HP Agilent N1655B Dual Line DS3/1, E3/1 Test Module
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Keysight N1655B
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With the demand for new voice and data services growing at an unprecedented rate, Keysight's Dual Line DS3/1, E3/1 Test Module for the Service Advisor and Telecom Toolkit is the ideal tool for quickly developing, installing and maintaining DS3, DS1, E3 and E1 voice, data and multiplexed voice/data network services.

Option 001: Includes DS3/1 and M13 Mux/Demux Testing, and banana to ground cable
Keysight N1655B Features
Dual Line Testing

The Dual Line DS3/1, E3/1 Test Module features two lines each with a separate receiver and transmitter and DS3, DS1, E3 or E1 interfaces. With information from both sides of the line.


BER Testing

Featuring extensive simultaneous dual BER testingcapability using industry standard QRSS, PRBS, Octet, Density and fixed patterns and user programmable patters. Loopback testing is quick and easy using standard loopcodes and user definable loopcodes.


Mux/Demux Testing

Reduce multiplexer test time with the Dual Line DS3/1,E3/1 Test Modules unique dual line testing capability that enables you to simultaneously perform bi-directional tests on both the high speed and low speed sections of the multiplexer.


Error and Alarm Testing

Generate a full set of alarms and errors to verify connectivity, check operating thresholds, or test network surveillance.