N1660A Dual Line DS1/0 Test Module

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N1660A Dual Line DS1/0 Test Module
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Keysight N1660A
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Manual N1660A Datasheet
Provides comprehensive T1, Nx56 kbps and Nx64 kbps fractional T1 test capability.
Keysight N1660A Features
  • Normal: Tx originates line code, framing and BERT pattern on full T1 span. Rx synchronizes to input.
  • Internal Loop: Tx and Rx internally looped
  • CSU: Responds to CSU loop codes. Sends framed All 1s until looped. T1 monitoring available.
  • Remote Loop: Equivalent to hardware looping. Data is regenerated. T1 monitoring available.
  • Drop/Insert with Pass Thru: Single or multiple timeslots are dropped and inserted internally, the remaining time slots are passed thru.


T1 Transmitters
  • Number: 2 fully independent transmitters
  • Line Code: B8ZS, AMI
  • Framing: None, D4, ESF, SLC-96
  • Fractional: Nx56 or Nx64, 1≤n<24, contiguous or non-contiguous


T1 Receivers
  • Number: 2 fully independent receivers with individual BERT
  • Line Code: B8ZS, AMI
  • Framing: D4, ESF, SLC-96 and none
  • Fractional: Nx56 or Nx64, 1≤n<24,  contiguous or non-contiguous


T1 Measurements
  • Level: Volts and dBdsx
  • Simplex Current
  • Frequency
  • Slips
  • Status Indicators (green soft LEDs): Signal, Frame sync, Pattern sync
  • Alarm Indicators (red soft LEDs): Signal loss, Frame Loss, Pattern Loss, Density Violations, AIS Signal, Yellow Alarm, CDI
  • Alarms: Signal loss seconds and counts, Loss of frame seconds and counts, Density violations count, AIS seconds and counts, Yellow alarm seconds and count, CDI seconds and count (no LAPD processing), Pattern loss seconds and count
  • Pattern Errors
  • BPV Errors
  • CRC Errors (ESF only)
  • Frame Errors
  • Round Trip Delay
  • Tone
  • AB(CD) Bits
  • Timeslot Data Displayed
  • 3 Tone Slope (average value of tone in dBm, ±1%
  • PRM
  • DDS Measurements
    • DDS Frame Sync
    • Control code capture including code, description, data count, duration
Keysight N1660A Standards
  • ANSI T1.403
  • TR-TSY-00008
  • ITU-T Rec 703
  • T1.102
  • G.703
  • Pub 62411