Montena EMP80K-2-23-50 NEMP Generator

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Montena EMP80K-2-23-50
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EMP80K-2-23-50 Datasheet
The Montena EMP80K-2-23-50 NEMP Generator is a generator that uses direct capacitive circuits or Marx technology. Peaking circuits are often used to increase the impulse rise time. All generators have a remote control unit providing indications and settings of the charging voltage, gas pressures and pulse triggering as well as an interlock switch for safety. USB and RS232 interfaces are available for control software applications.
Montena EMP80K-2-23-50 Features
  • Technology and design scales up to a charging voltage of 1.2 MV.
  • Interlock switch and automatic capacitor discharge for high safety requirements.
  • Compact and robust construction.
  • Possible recycling of the SF6 gas.
  • Proven performance and reliability with many generators installed worldwide.
Montena EMP80K-2-23-50 Specs
Charging Voltage: 80 kV
Waveform: Double Exponential
Rise Time: 2.3 ± 0.5 ns
Duration Time 23 ± 5 ns
Line Impedance: 50 Ω