Narda NBM-580 Broadband Radiation Meter

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The Narda NBM-580 allows users to combine multiple-sensor installation into a fully functioning monitoring or alarm system designed by Narda STS. Configured as a single communication point, the Narda NBM-580 allows for complete control over sensors that are stationed tens or hundreds of meters away from the metering station. The built-in color touchscreen display can be user configured to display individual readings of each sensor or the maximum, minimum or average of one or more of the connected sensors. Programmable analog voltage outputs can also be arranged to generate positive or negative going voltages, depending on detected fields. Digital TTL-levels can be tied to the Narda NBM-580 alarm settings as well as two built-in high power relays.

Intelligent area monitoring is made possible by the NBM-580 and Nardalert S3 (NS3) monitors. NS3 monitors can be placed strategically around highpower test areas, powered by DC voltage and connected by fiber optic cables back to the NBM-580. Levels detected by the monitors can be continuously compared to preset thresholds and generate immediate alarms if those thresholds are exceeded. With the built-in Ethernet connection, monitoring can be configured anywhere that a connection exists. NS3 monitors have NEMA enclosure and solar charging panel optional accessories for outdoor monitoring applications.