Narda NBM-580 Broadband Radiation Meter, 2400/801B

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The Narda NBM-580 broadband radiation meter is a radiation alarm and monitoring system with up to eight inputs designed for NBM series meters and Nardalert S3 series monitors. Narda NBM-580 meters act as central control systems for several radiation monitoring devices at once that can be positioned tens or even hundreds of meters away, allowing for strategic placement. The test site is then ready for area monitoring with Nardalert S3 models or field monitoring with NBM-550 models.

Narda NBM-580 metering systems connect to Narda meters by means of eight fiber optic cables located on the back of the unit which are compatible with NBM-550 and S3 mainframes. Users can then customize their meters with probes or sensors that cover specific frequency ranges and test to requirements from standards bodies like the FCC, IEEE, SC6 and ICNIRP. For area monitoring, Nardalert S3 units are set up with S3 sensors around test sites. The data retrieved is continuously compared to user-specified thresholds and alarms are generated immediately if the pre-set limits are exceeded. To perform precision field monitoring, connect the NBM-580 to NBM-550 meters; NBM probes generally operate at a dynamic range of up to 60 dB and will cover the majority of military, communications and industrial EMF monitoring applications.

The NBM-580 is ideal for semi-permanent mounting as part of a complete monitoring system. Calibration cycles will not interrupt testing as the main unit does not require re-calibration. Meters, monitors, probes and sensors can easily be removed and replaced with calibrated units.