PMM 9000 EMI Signal Analyzer

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This product has been discontinued.

View the PMM 9010F 10 Hz - 18 GHz Real Time Analyzer & EMI Receiver

The PMM 9000 receiver is the best priced and has the highest performance of any EMI system on the market for solving EMC emission problems. Measurements are fast and easy to perform: With only a few keystrokes it is simple to load the limits, make the measurements using the three simultaneous detectors (P, QP, and A), save the readings and print the test report. The receiver can be set to automatically perform a quasi peak measurement whenever the detected peak level exceeds the specified limit. This enables the fastest possible complete and compliant measurement with only a single frequency scan. In addition, the PMM 9000 offers several other unique features, which make the system more than just a simple receiver.

The “action” feature, for example, provides functionality of a complete automatic system without the need for an external PC. It can control LISNs, perform a sequence of measurements, find the worst case reading and print or save the desired results. This may be programmed, stored and then repeated, completely automatically, as many times as are needed with no need for an attending operator. The built-in hard disk and 3 ½ inch floppy drive give extra convenience to save, load or transport data.

Two separate inputs are available for performing conducted and radiated emissions up to 1.2 GHz while offering convenience and simple setup. The internal tracking generator can be used to calibrate PMM 9000 as well as other applications, such as characterizing or developing filters for special applications. In addition to final certification testing, the PMM 9000 receiver is the ideal tool for assessing potential problems during the product’s design phase. The PMM 9000 meets or exceeds EN, FCC, VDE, and CISPR specifications, and can be used for final certification of any EUT including light dimmers with a frequency pulse repetition rate as low as 1 Hz.