Narda PMM CDD-4 Continuous and Discontinuous Disturbances Analysis and Verification Set

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The Narda PMM CDD-4 is a continuous and discontinuous disturbance analysis and verification set. A PMM CDD-4 is a test solution that bundles the PMM CA0010 click analyzer with the PMM 9010F EMI receiver. Narda PMM CDD-4 test sets are designed to test household appliances, electric tools, and a broad range of electronic devices like toys, TVs, vending machines, and more. The PMM CDD-4 set fulfills all CISPR and IEC/EN RF conducted emissions standards. The included PMM CA0010 measures a device's click rate, the rate at which discontinuous disturbances, or clicks, are generated by fast transients. The PMM 9010F provides FFT-based, real-time, gapless electromagnetic interference analysis.