PMM 9180 18 GHz EMI Receiver

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The PMM 9180 18 GHz EMI Receiver is a frequency extension accessory to the PMM 9010F EMI Receiver & Analyzer, upgrading the PMM 9010F to a 18 GHz maximum frequency. FPMM 9180 models are fully-compliant EMI analysis instruments which directly connect to the antenna under test and operate over a 6 GHz to 18 GHz frequency range. Possessing a 100 Hz resolution and a < 2 ppm reference frequency, PMM 9180 EMI receivers can be installed right on the antenna connector, reducing measurement uncertainty levels. Complies to CISPR 16-1-1 testing requirements.

Rent the PMM 9180 along with the PMM 9010F Real Time EMI Receiver & Analyzer 10 Hz - 18 GHz, both part of the PMM 9010 Digital EMC/EMI Receiver Series.