PMM FR4003 9 kHz - 30 MHz EMI Field Receiver

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The PMM FR4003 EMI Field Receiver measures electric fields up to 30 MHz. Thanks to its innovative approach it replaces traditional rod antennas and adds several benefits. It fully meets all MIL-STD and CISPR specifications for rod antennas and is also a fully-compliant CISPR 16-1-1 receiver with a fiber optic link that allows it to work as a stand-alone device (when connected to a PC) or in tandem with a PMM receiver. Nonetheless, the PMM FR4003 makes it possible to switch the analog signal from the internal receiver to the analog output and connect it to any standard receiver by traditional coaxial cable, although this is not recommended due to scattering and other drawbacks typical of rod antennas.

The PMM FR4003's internal receiver structure features preselectors, attenuators and preamplifiers fully controlled either by the internal firmware or manually by the operator. Hence, a test set-up requires no additional receiver. An internal tracking generator allows a self-calibration procedure to guarantee optimum performance and accurate measurements. This tracking generator is part of an internal capacitance meter that is crucial not only for self-calibration, but also for verifying the grounding effectiveness of the antenna. The FR4003 can even become a field generator. In this case the antenna broadcasts the signal produced by the internal signal generator and can therefore be used to characterize environments or other receiving set-ups. In addition to the standard PEMS software, this receiver comes with a controlling software, which can be used when connected to a standard receiver. Thanks to its replaceable Li-ion battery, the FR4003 can work for several hours on its own and therefore with an unperturbed field.