PMM 9030 30MHz - 3GHz EMC/EMI Receiver

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The PMM 9030 EMC/EMI Receiver is a CISPR 16-1-1 compliant EMI receiver with a frequency range of 30MHz - 3GHz that extends the PMM 9010 up to the field of radiated emissions frequency range. A fast and safe connection with PMM 9010 is guaranteed by a high-speed optical link, providing a complete immunity of transferred data. All measurements performed by the PMM 9030 are according to most relevant EMC standards, including IEC, CISPR, EN (EuroNorm), FCC and VDE requirements. PMM 9030 EMC receivers are a combination of digital and analog circuitries designed to realize a true EMI receiver and signal analyzer; this is achieved through the precision and accuracy of a numeric approach along with the flexibility and accessibility of unit.

The PMM 9010 is part of the PMM 9010 Digital EMC/EMI Receiver Series.