SCI 266 60 Amp AC Ground Bond Tester

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The SCI 266 60 Amp AC Ground Bond Tester is an intuitive device that's ideal for high continuity testing in both laboratory and manufacturing settings. The SCI 266 Ground Bond Tester can safely produce 60 amps of current to test for a wide array of NRTL specifications. The ground bond tester also uses a rugged design that also allows for safe usage in various environments, along with a lightweight design to move between laboratories and production lines.

It only takes seconds to set up a test with the SCI 266 Ground Bond Tester. An intuitive interface and 5 programmable memories make the testing device easy to use for both seasoned engineers and new users. The SCI 266 high continuity tester also delivers incredible accuracy thanks to a Milliohm offset function. Accuracy for the output rating and offset limit settings stay within 2% of the desired setting for improved reliability when performing ground bond testing.