Solar 6254-5S RFI Transient Generator

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The Solar 6254-5S RFI Transient Generator provides up to 250 volts peak amplitude. The output transient shape follows the curve given in Figure 19 of MIL-STD-462. Less than 1.0 microsecond rise time, falling to zero in 8 to 14 microseconds, crossing through zero to "ring" in the manner of an inductive transient and returning to zero again as it "rings." The amplitude of the transient is adjustable from less than 10 volts to over 250 volts peak. Using series injection on 50, 60 or 400 Hz lines, the transient can be applied to the positive or the negative half-cycle. The transient's relation to the sine wave may be adjusted in phase from 0° to 360°. For non-synchronous injection, the repetitive rate of the transient can be adjusted from 0.5 to 500 p.p.s.

The Model 6254-5S RFI Transient Generator was especially designed for screen room use in making conducted transient susceptibility tests as required by military specifications. These specifications include: parts of MIL-STD-461A/462, MSFC-STD-279, Lockheed 422966 (L1011), TRW TOR-1001,Douglas WZZ-7000 (DC-10), and others.