Teseq NSG 3025 Burst Generator

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The NSG 3025 offers useful tools to aid product design and provide detailed analyses. The test parameters are adjustable over wide ranges that far exceed the requirements called for in the standards and pulse data can even be adjusted during an actual test to detect trouble spots. A new random frequency mode has been introduced to identify hidden design problems. The instrument is fully functional under either local or remote, computer control - including the ramping and sequencing features.

The NSG 3025’s compactness and its ability to operate autonomously in all working positions significantly simplify onsite tests. It will run pre-prepared tests and test sequences using its built-in coupling network for either AC or DC applications. The instrument’s specifications are more than generous enough to cover wide test margins. A printer output enables test reports to be produced.

The NSG 3025 is designed for use in industrial electronics, system installations, telecommunications, medical electronics, domestic appliances, office automation, etc, and is fully equipped for all relevant product test specifications as well as future standards. The Windows-based WIN 3025 software package brings additional, fully automated functions to the NSG 3025 by making full use of a connected computer’s infrastructure.