EM Test UCS 500N5 Multifunctional EFT, Surge & Power Fail Generator

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Rent EM Test UCS 500N5 Multifunctional EFT/Burst, Surge & Power Fail Generator
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EM Test UCS500N5
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UCS500N5 Datasheet

The EM Test UCS 500N5 Multifunctional EFT/Burst, Surge and Power Fail Generator is an ultra-compact simulator that is the most versatile tester to cover transient and power fail requirements according to international standards (basic and generic standards) and product/product family standards. The UCS 500N5 is the most economic solution for tests during development as well as for full-compliant immunity tests and CE Marking for single phase DUT with the ability to be extended for testing three-phase DUTs by means of an automatically controlled external coupling network up to 100A.

The UCS 500N5 includes everything necessary to conduct fully compliant tests. The power mains supply for the controls and for the DUT is separate to render it more flexible to use with different DUT supply voltages. The UCS 500N5 can be operated manually from the front panel or by remote via the built-in USB or GPIB interface. Fail inputs allow to control an ongoing test sequence based on the status of the DUT. Monitoring outputs (BNC) are offered for easy signal measurement and verification. Safety features such as interlock and warning lamp control are available.

Pre-programmed Standard Test routines allow highest user convenience. Still the UCS 500N5 offers the Quick Start test routine where parameters can be changed on-line during the test to evaluate the susceptibility level of an individual DUT.
  • HFK: Capacitive coupling clamp as per IEC 61000-4-4
  • KW50: 100:1 divider, 50ohm
  • KW1000: 500:1 divider, 1,000ohm
  • CA EFT kit: Kit for burst pulse verification consisting of KW50, KW1000 and adapter for DUT port in a plastic case for storage
  • A6dB: 6dB attenuator, 50ohm
  • ITP: Immunity test probes (electrical field generation)
  • ITP/H: Immunity test probe (magnetic field generation)
EM Test UCS500N5 Features
EM Test UCS500N5 Specs
Serial interface USB
Parallel interface IEEE 488, addresses 1 - 30
Analog output 0 - 10VDC to control an external transformer
CN interface 15pin SubD connector to control an external coupling network
Fail inputs DUT monitoring via Fail1 and Fail2 input (one each)
Dimensions 19", 3HU, 19", 6HU, (with TSurge5 module)
Weight approx. 25kg
Supply voltage 115V/230VAC +10%/-15%
Power approx. 75W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Fuses 2 x T 2AT (230V) or 2 x T 4AT (115V)
Safety standard EN/IEC 61010
Security circuit Control input (24VDC)
Warning lamp Floating contact (max. 230V/6A)
EM Test UCS500N5 Applications
  • Industry
  • Medical
  • Residential
  • Telecom
  • Components
  • Broadcast
  • Renewable Energy