Teseq NSG5041 Surge Pulse Generator

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This product has been discontinued.

View the Teseq NSG 5500 Automotive Transient Immunity Tester for ISO 7637

Switching actions with inductive loads on the vehicle supply harness, DC motors that operate as generators when the vehicle supply is switched off and the effects that occur when an ignition coil is switched off can all create disturbances that have to be simulated and their consequences checked.

ISO and SAE standards such as ISO 7637 have specified these tests under pulse designation 1/2/6. As part of the Teseq NSG 5000 EMC Test System, the NSG 5041 produces these test pulses in conformance with the relevant standard. In order to be able to cope with a company's own test methods, the generator module also provides a much greater range of selectable parameters, considerably higher test voltages, additional impedances and pulse widths. INA 5020 battery switch provides the often-required automatic battery switch-off and restore functions. The NSG 5041 is the first module utilizing Gemini technology.