Tektronix RSA518A Portable Spectrum Analyzer

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The Tektronix RSA518A Portable Spectrum Analyzer captures 40 MHz real-time bandwidths with great fidelity in harsh environments. Built to bring real-time spectrum analysis to solving the problems of spectrum managers, the Tektronix RSA518A helps interference hunters and network maintenance personnel who need to track down hard to find interferers, maintain RF networks, and keep records of their efforts. 

With 70 dB spurious-free dynamic range and frequency coverage to 18 GHz, all signals of interest can be examined with high confidence in your measurement results. The USB form factor moves the weight of the instrument off your hands and replaces it with a lightweight Windows tablet or laptop. Holding a light PC instead of a heavy spectrum analyzer means you can move faster, for longer, and get your work done quicker.