Narda SignalShark 3320 Real-Time Remote Analyzer

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The Narda SignalShark 3320 Real-Time Remote Analyzer solves complex measurement and analysis tasks reliably and quickly with outstanding RF performance. SignalShark 3320 models are ideal for applications where high sensitivity, high dynamic range, reliable detection of very short and infrequent signal events, and the localization of transmitters are required. All of these requirements are essential in the area of radio monitoring.

Use the Narda SignalShark 3320 for the detection, analysis, classification, and localization of RF Signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz. SignalShark 3320 models support automatic direction finding and TDOA. 

The Narda SignalShark Signal 3320 Real-Time Remote Analyzer is compatible with the Narda Automatic DF 1 and Automatic DF 2 Basic Sets.