Narda SignalShark 3330 Real-Time Outdoor Remote Analyzer

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The Narda SignalShark 3330 Real-Time Outdoor Remote Analyzer is an ideal spectrum analyzer that's also optimized for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions. The SignalShark 3330 maintains the reliability of other spectrum analyzers from Narda Safety Test Solutions, able to detect and classify RF signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz. Where this spectrum analyzer stands out is with its IP65-rated weatherproof and rugged design. The unit can keep that optimal performance in temperatures that range from -20°C to + 55°C.

It's even easier to use the Narda SignalShark 3330/101 Outdoor Unit PoE in a wide range of climates thanks to a single Ethernet cable that's needed for both power and data communication. The SignalShark 3330/102 offers flexibility with a solar panel and integrated LTE, allowing for easy use without a nearby power or data connection.

The spectrum analyzer doesn't just excel with its durable build, but also with reliable detection. The Narda SignalShark 3330 has a real-time bandwidth of 40 MHz, even catching the shortest signals. Wideband frequency monitoring is also made possible with the outdoor remote analyzer as it achieves a scan rate of 50 GHz/s. An "open platform" design for the unit allows use with 3rd party software, plus three switchable antenna inputs and a GNSS receiver that's integrated into the unit.

The Narda SignalShark 3330 Real-Time Outdoor Remote Analyzer is also compatible with the Narda Automatic DF 1 and Automatic DF 2 Basic Sets.