Tektronix RSA5000 Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers

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The Tektronix RSA5000 Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers combine the best in class RF performance up to 85 MHz bandwidth and 3rd Generation DPX® Technology. The Tektronix RSA5000 Series replaces conventional signal analyzers, offering the measurement confidence and functionality you demand for everyday tasks. A +17 dBm TOI and –154 dBm/Hz DANL at 2 GHz gives you the dynamic range you expect for challenging spectrum analysis measurements. All analysis is fully preselected and image free.

The Tektronix RSA5000 Series is composed of high-performing real-time analyzers that will assist the user to easily discover design issues that other signal analyzers will not detect. Equipped with the revolutionary DPX® spectrum display technology, the RSA5000 Series provides an intuitive live color view of signal transients changing over time in the frequency domain revealing transient signal behavior that helps you discover instability, glitches, and interference. Once the DPX® has detected a probem, the RSA5000 Series spectrum analyzers can be programmed to trigger on the event, capture a contiguous time record of changing RF events, and perform time-correlated analysis in all domains. With the Tektronix RSA5000 Series units, you get the functionality of a high-performance spectrum analyzer, wideband vector signal analyzer, and the unique trigger-capture-analyze capability of a real-time spectrum analyzer. 

The Tektronix RSA5000 Series includes models RSA5103A, RSA5106A, RSA5115A, and RSA5126A.