Amplifier Research 600A225A CW Solid State Amplifier

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Amplifier Research 600A225A CW Solid State Amplifier
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Amplifier Research 600A225A
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600A225A Datasheet
The Amplifier Research 600A225A CW Solid State Amplifier is a broadband RF amplifier that generates 600 W of continuous wave power and operates over a frequency range of 10 kHz to 225 MHz. Ideal for applications which call for high gain and an instantaneous bandwidth, the AR 600A225A features push-pull LDMOS circuitry in high-power stages to lower distortion and improve stability. 

A digital control panel interface offers both local and remote control of the Amplifier Research 600A225A, displayed on an LCD touch screen and navigated via a single rotary nob for status reporting and control. Access control functions and status indications remotely through a GPIB/IEEE-488, RS-232, RS-232 fiber optic, USB or Ethernet connection. Engineers rent the AR 600A225A for applications like susceptibility testing, component testing and watt meter calibration.
Amplifier Research 600A225A Features
  • 10 kHz - 225 MHz
  • 600 W CW
  • M1 - M9
  • LCD touch screen 
  • Gain control, pulse input capability, RF sample ports
  • LDMOS circuitry
Amplifier Research 600A225A Specs
INPUT FOR RATED OUTPUT 1.0 Milliwatt Maximum
POWER OUTPUT @ 3 dB Compression Nominal: 600 Watts
Minimum: 550 watts
POWER OUTPUT @ 1 dB compression Nominal: 550 watts
Minimum: 400 watts
FLATNESS ± 2.5 dB maximum
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10 kHz–250 MHz Instantaneously
GAIN (at maximum setting) 58 dB minimum
INPUT IMPEDANCE 50 ohms, VSWR 1.5:1 maximum
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE 50 ohms, nominal
Amplifier Research 600A225A Standards
  • RF Immunity Testing
  • Particle Accelerators
  • Telecommunications
  • Antenna / Component Testing
  • Plasma Generation
  • Watt Meter Calibration