California Instruments 15003iX Programmable 15 kVA Power Supply

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California Instruments 15003iX Programmable 15 kVA Power Supply
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California Instruments 15003iX
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15003iX Datasheet
The California Instruments15003iX integrated system is an AC and DC power source that addresses increasing demands on test equipment to perform more functions at a lower cost. By combining a flexible AC power source with a high end power analyzer, the iX Series systems are capable of handling applications that would traditionally have required multiple instruments. With precise output regulation and accuracy, the 15003iX AC and DC sources address many application areas for AC and DC power testing. They also provide high load current capability, multi or single phase output modes and built-in power analyzer measurements. Additional features like line distortion simulation (LDS), arbitrary waveform generation and programmable output impedance address requirements for product quality and regulatory compliance testing.
California Instruments 15003iX Features
  • Combination AC and DC Power Source and Power Analyzer (Replaces several instruments with a single multifunction unit)
  • 3000 VA to 30000 VA of Output Power (Capable of handling a wide range of loads with 0 to 1 power factor)
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generation (Test products for harmonics immunity)
  • Built-in Digital Power Analyzer (Analyze frequency and time domain of both voltage and current on all phases)
California Instruments 15003iX Specs
Output Power AC 15 kVA
Phase Output 3
Max. Current Per Phase 135 V Range 37AC / 26DC
Max. Current Per Phase 270 V Range 18.5AC / 13DC
Input Voltage 208-240V