Chroma 19055/19055-C Series Hipot Analyzers 500 VA

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The Chroma 19055/19055-C Series Hipot Analyzers are designed for Hipot tests and analysis. 19055 Series has 500 VA rating and AC output up to 5 kV/100mA which complies with EN50191 requirements. In addition to AC/DC/IR tests, 19055-C is equipped with a new measurement technology:
  • Corona Discharge Detection (CDD) that can detect the following via Discharge Level Analysis (DLA) test mode.
  • Corona discharge Start Voltage (CSV)
  • Flashover Start Voltage (FSV)
  • Breakdown Voltage (BDV)

As a Contact Check during hipot test, Chroma 19055 Series is equipped with a new function of High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC) besides Open Short Check (OSC). By conducting Contact Check during Hipot test, it can increase the test reliability and efficiency significantly. For convenience use, Chroma 19055 has a large LCD screen for operation and judgement. In addition, the GFI human protection circuit and Floating safety output prevent the operators from electrical hazard. Other subsidiary functions including programmable voltage, time parameters, current limit, and etc. can enhance the test reliability and products from passing quality verification.