Com-Power LI-215 Line Impedance Stabilization Network, 30 MHz

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Rent Com-Power LI-215 Line Impedance Stabilization Network, 30 MHz
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Com-Power LI-215
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LI-215 Datasheet Specifications

Com-Power Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN) are intended for electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing and certification of electronic products at an EMC test laboratory. The LISN were designed and built to match the impedance characteristics given by the individual test specification. During the conducted emissions tests, the LISN isolates the equipment under test from interference from external power source. It also stabilizes the line impedance and provides a 50Ω RF output for connecting it to the spectrum analyzer.

The LI-215 has two networks housed in a single enclosure for single phase or two wire applications. It has a standard 15 Amp NEMA socket to power the EUT.
Com-Power LI-215 Specs
Frequency Range 0.01 - 30 MHz
Inductor 250 & 50 uH
Current Rating 15 Amps
EMI Test Specification CISPR, EN