Doble F6150e Power System Simulator

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The Doble F6150e Power System Simulator is a sophisticated protective relay tester designed for high burden and microprocessor relay testing complimented by twelve built-in sources, 6 AC/DC amplifier capacity and a maximum output of 600V and 180A. Analog testing is possible as well for 1A and 5A protection devices, and convenient front-panel display indicates the active voltage/current amplitudes and phase values during testing.  Applications of the Doble F6150e include traditional, electromechanical, electronic and microprocessor relays and devices. With the Doble F6150e, technicians can test multi-function numerical microprocessor protection schemes, single high-burden electromechanical earth/ground fault relay, and conduct a variety of other protection system performance analysis tasks. Doble F6150e devices can be operated remotely from a tablet.