Megger SMRT36 Three Phase Relay Test System

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The Megger SMRT36 Three Phase Relay Test System is one of the smallest, lightest, highest powered, complete three-phase relay systems in its industry. The Voltage-Current, or "VIGEN," modules needed for a particular test application can be added to the test system to make it more specialized this is possible with the SMRT36 test system. The SMRT36 can test all electromechanical, solid-state, and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including voltage regulated, voltage restraint, and directional overcurrent, thanks to its smart combination of high compliance voltage and high current. Megger SMRT36 is a full three-phase test system that equips three VIGEN Modules used to commission three-phase protection systems, and the same device can deliver a six-phase current by converting the voltage channels to currents High power is also available in both the voltage and current channels from the SMRT36 VIGEN modules, able to test practically any kind of protective relay. The Megger SMRT36 innovative Smart Touch View InterfaceTM enables technicians to take control of the SMRT36 test equipment (STVI), allowing for quick and easy manual, steady-state, and dynamic testing.