SMC Mentor 12 All-In-One Relay Test Set

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The SMC Mentor 12 All-In-One Relay Test Set revolutionizes the traditional relay testing concepts. With more than 25 years in designing and developing test equipment,SMC has launched a product which exceeds the expectations of the most demanding professionals in this field. The Mentor 12 has everything you need to test relays of any type, including the routine procedures and results saved in memory by the user for later repetition and reference. No external computer is required, except for existing and upcoming remote control applications that are not part of the built- in software. Also incorporated is an auxiliary voltage supply source to energize the relay under test when required. Based on the success obtained from the PTE family of relay testing products, SMC has equipped the Mentor 12 with a fast, powerful yet simple manual control interface that allows the expert user to verify the response of any relay in seconds.