Megger SMRT410D Multi-Phase Relay Test System

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The Megger SMRT410D test set is a versatile, multi-phase relay test system. The SMRT410D relay test system is both portable and durable, built for use in a wide range of environments and climates. The multi-phase test system features an impressive current output that reaches 60 amps at 300 VA per phase and an output design that can deliver up to 10 currents. Depending on the number of voltage-current (VIGEN) modules added to the device, the Megger SMRT410D can also be customized with an additional 5 channels for improved phase testing.

While a powerful and flexible device, the Megger SMRT410D Multi-Phase Relay Test System offers many user-friendly tools. An integrated Smart Touch View Interface allows for clear manual operation, and software like AVTS delivers full computer control with the device. Results are easier to read through a TFT LCD touchscreen display to present all AC and DC values.