OMICRON CMC 356 Voltage Protective Relay Test Set

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The OMICRON CMC 356 Voltage Protective Relay Test Set is the universal solution for testing all generations of protection relays. The CMC 356's powerful six current sources 6 x 32 A / 6 x 430 VA, 3 x 64 A / 3 x 860 VA, and 1 x 128 A / 1 x 1000 VA make the unit capable of testing high-burden electromechanical relays with high power demands. The OMICRON CMC 356 has a 10-1000 Hz range signal and 50/60 Hz nominal frequency. Using digitally generated analog test signals by DSP technology, in combination with the utilization of additional error correction algorithms, the CMC 356 Voltage Protective Relay Test Set can achieve accurate testing at small amplitudes. The CMC 356 is one of the best options for meeting testing requirements with its high versatility, amplitude, and power. Commissioning engineers find the CMC 356 model useful with its ability to perform wiring and plausibility checks of current transformers. The CMC 356 is compliant with NERC/FERC protection relay testing standards.