Megger SVERKER 750/780 Relay Test Sets

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Megger SVERKER 750/780 Relay Test Sets perform secondary tests on protective relay equipment and can test voltage relays with frequency ranges of up to 15 Hz to 550 Hz (780 model). The Megger SVERKER 750/780 tests virtually all types of single-phase protection, and can test three-phase protection one phase at a time. SVERKER 750/780 models also test automatic reclosing devices. The SVERKER 750 and SVERKER 780 feature many functions that make relay testing more efficient. For example, their powerful measurement section displays (in addition to time, voltage and current) Z, R, X, S, P, Q, phase angle and cos φ. The voltmeter can also be used as a 2nd ammeter (when testing differential relays, for example). All values are presented on a single easy-to-read display. Designed to comply with EU standards and other personal and operational safety standards, SVERKER750 and SVERKER780 are also equipped with a serial port for communication with personal computers and the PC software SVERKER Win.