Doble F5814 Recloser Interface Unit

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Typically reclosers are installed on electric utility poles closer to the power conductors while the recloser controller is located on the same pole closer to the ground. The controller is connected to the recloser via a control cable. These control cables can have various configurations such as 14, 19, 26 or 32 pins. The F5814 supports a 14 pin cabled recloser.

The use of F5814 results in an effective and efficient testing of 14 pin reclosers. In addition, the use of ProTesT macros to provide test voltages and currents yields repeatable results and a standardized test plan.

The control cable brings in the three secondary phase and neutral currents from the Cts located in the recloser to the recloser controller. These secondary currents are carried by pins G, H, J, and K. Pins C and E carry the trip signals from the recloser controller to the recloser where the trip and close coils for the recloser are located in a control box attached to the recloser. The 24 Vdc is contained in the recloser controller and this is used for providing the power to the trip and close coils.

In order to test the recloser and recloser controller, currents are injected by F6150 and the trip and close circuits are monitored by the F6150 logic inputs Conventional test sets cannot inject current into the recloser controller directly since the currents are transmitted via a pinned cable. Also, the trip and close signals are available via the pinned cable. Hence a unit such as F5814 is needed to interface between the recloser/ recloser controller and the F6150 test simulator.