Megger SMRT46 Multi-Phase Relay Tester

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The Megger SMRT46 Multi-Phase Relay Tester is capable of testing a wide variety of devices, including electromechanical, solid-state, microprocessor-based protective, and motor overload relays. The SMRT46 uses a 4th AC voltage source (0 - 150 V at 100 VA) for synchronizing or a variable DC voltage source (0 to 250 V at 100 Watts /3.33 AMPS) as a battery simulator. For testing relay panels or electromechanical relays, the Megger SMRT46 Multi-Phase Relay Tester provides a unique flat power curve from 4 to 30 Amps that ensures maximum compliance voltage.

The Megger SMRT46 model's voltage and frequency are regulated independently, preventing output uncertainty from load impedance. Each voltage channel can provide variable outputs of 0 - 30 / 150 / 300 volts at 150 VA. The SMRT46 Tester offers up to 6 current sources, with each channel rated for 30 Amps at 200 VA rms continuous and up to 60 Amps at 300 VA rms for short durations. 

The GOOSE Configurator Software is an optional tool provided with the Megger SMRT46 Multi-Phase Relay Tester. This application allows relay test engineers and technicians to import parameters from configuration files and record data in the Substation Configuration Language (SCL) format, while capturing GOOSE messages directly from the substation bus.