Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator for Protection Scheme Testing

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Rent Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator for Protection Scheme Testing
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Doble F6150SV
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The Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator for Protection Scheme Testing is your versatile, all-in-one solution for testing protection relays and schemes. Designed to meet your needs, the F6150SV is capable of performing the most simple through the most complex tests. Whether you need to test an individual component or test an entire scheme, the F6150SV is the proven solution to assess protection system performance for analog testing of 1A and 5A protection devices. Now with increased output power of amplifiers, the F6150SV offers IEC 61850 testing, as well as Sample Value “Process Bus” and Station bus applications in one test set.

Evaluate your protection relays and schemes in their environment, using simulated power system conditions and events. No other single-box solution can equal the test capabilities of the F6150SV. Six independently controlled direct coupled sources, each rated at 175 VA, provide more than 100 user-selectable test configurations to match any test requirement. Each continuous current source can be configured as two independent 87.5 VA sources for a total of 6 current sources. The front panel display indicates active voltage/current amplitudes and phase values during testing. Lastly, the rugged construction and proven state-of-the-art design provide laboratory accuracy with uncompromised field performance.
Doble F6150SV Features
  • IEC61850 testing with 3 packets of 9-2 LE communication protocol and station bus messaging - one fiber and one copper IEC61850 communication port
  • Wi-Fi Capable
  • Standard relay calibration and verification testing of High Burden and Microprocessor relays
  • Increased amplifier power output and ranges (enhanced ratings)
  • Protection scheme testing using State Simulation and Transient testing: powerful models made available in Protection Suite Software
  • Metering at 0.2 class CTs and Transducers
  • End to End testing of Communication Based Schemes with GPS time syncing
  • 12 Source, (6-Voltage, 6 Current), configurable for Bench testing and proof of concept testing for complicated relaying schemes
Doble F6150SV Specs
Logic Outputs
Type FET (High Speed Electronic) Relay
Number 4 4
Isolation Voltage ±500V peak ±500V peak
Response Time 0.1millisecond pick up /dropout <10 millisecond pick up /dropout
Maximum (Make/Break Current): 0.5 amps (Breaking cap AC: 2000 VA with Vmax 250V, Imax 8 A) (Breaking cap DC: 50W with Vmax 300 V, Imax 8A)
Input Voltage 250 V RMS 250 V RMS