Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator for Protection Scheme Testing

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The Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator is a protective relay test set for testing IEC 61850-based protection devices and schemes. The simulator can test IEC 61850-based systems at the process-bus level and station-bus level, using both sampled values and GOOSE messages. The Doble F6150SV features 3 packets of 9-2 LE communication protocol, including one fiber and one copper IEC61850 communication port. The Doble F6150SV Power System Simulator has 6 AC/DC amplifiers built into the system, while having 12 high-level analog sources, including six voltages and six currents. Each voltage and current is rated at 175 VA, and provides more than 100 selectable test configurations to match different test requirements.