Doble F6350 Current / Voltage Amplifier

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The amplifiers supply the appropriate signals (V and I) to the device under test. The response of relay elements to the voltages and currents is transmitted back to the RTDS® via its logic inputs and outputs. Upon receipt of this updated information from the relay, the simulation is modified and revised low level current and voltages are transmitted back to the amplifier. This closed loop process continues until the simulation is terminated.

Doble's F6350 is used as current/voltage amplifier as shown above. It receives the low level signal from the RTDS® and supplies the amplified signals to device under test.

The F6350 is designed to accept a range of low level signals and the output range is selected to conform linearly to the low level input signals.

You can use multiple F6350 and get as many voltage and current signals you require for complete testing of relays and protection schemes.