EMC-Partner MIG2000-6 Modular Impulse Generator

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EMC Partner MIG2000-6
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MIG2000-6 Datasheet Accessory Kit
The MIG2000-6 is available with a range of plug-in modules capable of generating damped oscillatory and double exponential pulses in accordance with MIL-STD-461E: CS115, CS116 and other standards. MIG2000-6 system comprises the impulse generator together with necessary injection probes (couplers). Because this is a complete system, waveforms are guaranteed at the injection point. The MIG "Modular-Impulse-Generator" is a flexible kit system, ready to quote tailored generators for special test applications. The MIG is a further innovative solution from EMC PARTNER AG to meet customer requests.
Plug-in Modules:
EMC Partner MIG2000-6 Features
  • Solid state impulse switch and solid state polarity change (no mechanical switch, no spark gaps or tubes) - advantages: low jitter, no high frequency switching noise,
  • Microprocessor menu controlled, printer port and RS232 remote control
  • Safety in accordance with VDE 0104 (safety circuit, connector for warning lamp)
  • Integrated peak measurement for voltage and current. Peak display and monitor output for v,i
  • Windows software for PC control available. Software versions see EMCP web site

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