Giga-tronics 1018 Microwave Synthesized Signal Generator

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Giga-tronics 1018 provides several microwave generation and measurement functions which result in making the instrument a versatile microwave test set that can replace a number of instruments in many applications. The unit is basically a 50 MHz to 18 GHz digital synthesized signal generator that provides a precise, highly stable and calibrated signal output, Its frequency accuracy and stability are determined by a low noise reference oscillator. The synthesized output has versatile pulse modulation, amplitude modulation and digital sweep with selectable limits in precise increments of 1 MHz, 10 MHz or 100 MHz. A sweep output is provided to drive XV plotters, oscilloscopes or other external indicating devices.

The instrument has the automatic capability to generate precise microwave frequencies which allow it to operate in a heterodyne mode to measure and directly read out unknown frequencies, The measured frequency can be CW or pulse modulated. By setting the synthesizer output to a precise frequency the instrument can measure frequency offset