Gigatronics 7100 Synthesized Signal Generator

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Giga-tronics 7100
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Gigatronics 7100 Synthesized Signal Generator is a basic function generator providing needed ability. Capable of generating modulations internally, it is a useful tool for applications requiring pulse, amplitude, or frequency modulation. Its high frequency range up to 20GHz covers many RF bands for signal generation and testing.
Giga-tronics 7100 Features
  • Analog and Digital Frequency Sweep
  • Internally or Externally Generated Pulse Modulation (PM), Amplitude Modulation (AM), and Frequency Modulation (FM)
  • Remote Control via IEEE-488 bus
Giga-tronics 7100 Specs
Frequency Range: 10MHz - 20GHz Continuous Wave
Resolution: 1Hz
Switching Time: 50ms (20ms typical)
Harmonics: -55dBc from 50MHz - 20GHz
-25dBc from 10MHz - 50MHz
Max Leveled Output: +10dBm from 10MHz - 18GHz
+8dBm from 18GHz - 20GHz
Resolution: 0.01dB
Minimum Output Level: -130dBm
Output Accuracy: +/-1dB
Output Impedance: 50Ω
Input Power: 100/120/220/240VAC +/-10%, 50-400Hz, 350Watts nominal.
Remote Interface: IEEE STD 488-1978