Giga-tronics RT-1009 Radar Test Set

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Gigatronics RT1009N Radar Test
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Giga-tronics RT-1009
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RT-1009 Datasheet

The Giga-tronics RT-1009 Radar Test Set is designed to test and calibrate advanced radar operating over the X-band frequency range (8.5 GHz - 9.6 GHz), which is the most widely used frequency band for both airborne and marine radar. This system is excellent for test and calibration of, "Weather Radar, Search Radar, Navigation Radar, Missile Control Radar, and Gun Fire Control Radar".

The Giga-tronics RT1009 combines an RF signal generator, programmable pulse generator, peak power meter, and frequency counter into a single test instrument. Each component is simultaneously triggered from a single pulse. The design of the RT1009 utilizes a precision digital counter and an indirect synthesis phase-lock system to provide a superior radar test set.

The push-button keypad and menu driven front panel allows for easy access of all the RT-1009 Test Sets functions and features, while control via IEEE-488 bus gives you the ATE capability you desire. The Giga-tronics RT-1009 also provides for automatic compensation of cable and coupler loss to make for a precision Radar Test Set.

Giga-tronics RT-1009 Features
  • Provides up to four targets simultaneously with individually controls of pulse width, delay and amplitude (simulates targets from 0.1 NM to 500 NM)
  • Built-in scintillation-fast pulse amplitude modulation for simulating turbulence, GCR (ground clutter return) and STC (sensitivity time curve)
  • Displays PRF and RF frequencies simultaneously
  • Instantaneous and average PRF and PW measurement
  • Store up to 10 front complete front panel set-ups for system recall
  • Synthesized RF output frequency
  • Built-in amplitude, frequency and pulse modulation
  • Compensation of cable and coupler loss via front panel
  • Easy menu prompts guide you through initial set-up
  • IEEE-488 interface standard for ATE applications
  • MTBF of greater than 10,000 hours
Giga-tronics RT-1009 Specs
Frequency Range 8.500 GHz - 9.600 GHz
Frequency Resolution (RF out) 1 MHz
Frequency Resolution (Counter) 1 kHz
Frequency Tracking Accuracy ±2 MHz, Accuracy is independent of pulse rate
Frequency Offset ±50 MHz (must be within frequency range)
Frequency Offset Resolution 1 MHz
PRF Tracking Rates 100 pps to 20,000 pps
PRF Resolution 1 Hz
Pulse Width 0.1 µs to 30 µs
Resolution 10 ns