Haefely MAG 100 Magnetic Field Generator for IEC 61000-4-8

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To be used for EMC Tests requiring AC Magnetic Fields Power frequency magnetic fields are generated by AC current flowing in conductors. The normal 50/60Hz mains power cord is a good example, although currents with other frequencies may be present dependent on the application. Magnetic fields, may interfere with equipment operated in close proximity. Typical EUTs are monitors of all kinds.

The Haefely MAG 100 has a 1m x 1m square, single turn antenna. A current of 120A is needed to feed the coil to produce a field of 100A/m. The Haefely MAG 100 includes a current transformer capable of delivering 120A from a low current source.

Magnetic field strength is defined at the center of a coil with ±3dB variation. Magnetic field is orthogonal to the coil plane. Coil dimensions define the maximum EUT size as being 0.6m x 0.6m x 0.5m. The MAG100 can be used for both vertical and horizontal plane testing, by simply rotating the coil antenna in its mounting on the (optional) stand. The Haefely MAG-100 can only be used for continuous mode testing.

In conjunction with other Haefely EMC Test products, magnetic field testing can be fully or partially automated. The Haefely PLINE 1610 used together with the MAG 100 can provide semi automatic testing from the instrument front panel. A special menu MAG100 is included in the PLINE 1610 software. Voltages can be programmed which correspond to a magnetic field strength at the center of the coil antenna.