IFI SCCX Solid State RF Power Amplifier Series

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IFI SCCX Solid State RF Power Amplifiers demonstrate superb RF performance, their solid state design minimizing EMI signal leakage while providing an accessible interface for technicians. These products are available in a wide range of power levels from 10 watts to 3500 watts on an instantaneous frequency range of 10 kHz – 220MHz. IFI RF amplifiers are conservatively designed to operate below maximum ratings for ruggedness and long term reliability, with sixth generation LDMOS Transistors providing reliable brute-power performance.

Versatile application is not the only strength of the SCCX Series—IFI’s innovative power amplifiers are specifically designed for laboratory and testing applications. Modular design construction allows for joint use of multiple SCCX units, increasing the maximum possible rated power to 3600 watts/min. when three SCCX1200 models are used in conjunction. Self-diagnostic circuitry communicates any issues that might arise with the unit, and integrated force air cooling ensures your device does not overheat. A backlit screen and IEEE-488 interface are complimented by RS232 remote operation.

SCCX Series products feature individually shielded aluminum assemblies for the module level. This concept of a shielded modular design minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage and provides easy access for field service and rapid turnaround at depot level repair facilities. SCCX Series products are structurally engineered ground-up to withstand operation in mechanically hostile environments.

The IFI SCCX Solid State RF Power Amplifier Series includes the following models: the SCCX10, SCCX25, SCCX50, SCCX100, SCCX150, SCCX200, SCCX250, SCCX350, SCCX500, SCCX800, SCCX1000, SCCX1200, SCCX2000 and the SCCX3500.