Keithley 2820 RF Vector Signal Analyzer 6 GHz

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The Keithley 2820 RF Vector Signal Analyzer 6 GHz is a mid-performance test instrument designed for R&D and production testing of modern RF communications equipment and devices. This next-generation instrument combines state-of-the-art RF and digital signal processing (DSP) technology to measure RF test signals rapidly with high accuracy and excellent repeatability. Its compact half-rack enclosure and competitive pricing make it a cost-effective solution for many test applications. The Model 2820's DSP-based software-defined radio (SDR) architecture and 40MHz bandwidth ensure it has the capability to measure today's signals and also the flexibility to handle tomorrow's. Today's mobile phones are designed to connect to more types of devices than ever before, so they must integrate with a growing number of wireless standards. As new wireless standards emerge, the Model 2820 is engineered for easy upgrades, which extend its useful life and provide an ongoing return on investment far longer than traditional instruments.