Rohde & Schwarz FSP38 Spectrum Analyzer | 40 GHz

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The Rohde & Schwarz FSP38 Spectrum Analyzer is equipped with a wide band, extremely sensitive receiver, and higher frequencies that often go up too many tens of GHz. FSP38 uses the super-heterodyne receiver technique to turn the GHz into measurable data. The FSP438 Spectrum Analyzer CRT displays select a frequency as it is gently swept through a range of previously chosen frequencies and converted to a quantifiable DC level on a logarithmic scale. On the CRT, received signal strength is shown versus frequency (y-axis) and (x-axis). The FSP38 has excellent RF properties and an optimal level of measurement uncertainty, making this the perfect testing equipment for technicians in both development and production. The Rohde & Schwarz FSP38 uses tried-and-true technology to deliver top performance, dependability, and serviceability.