Keysight 33622A Waveform Generator, 120 MHz, 2-Channel

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The Keysight 33622A Waveform Generator (formerly Agilent Technologies) with exclusive True form signal generation technology offer more capability, fidelity and flexibility than previous generation Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) generators. Use it to accelerate your development process from start to finish.

Exclusive Trueform technology
  • Unmatched capabilities for generating a full range of signals for your most demanding measurements.
  • Sine waves with 5x lower harmonic distortion for more pure signals.
  • Pulses up to 100 MHz with <1 ps jitter for more precise timing.
  • Trueform arbitrary waveforms with sequencing for more accurate representation of user-defined signals.
The Keysight 33622A Waveform Generator was previously manufactured as the Agilent 33622A Waveform Generator.