LeCroy WaveStation 3082 Waveform Generator

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The LeCroy WaveStation 3082 Waveform Generator is a versatile generator with five basic signal types, over 40 built-in arbitrary waveforms, and a frequency range of 1 μHz to 50 MHz. The 3082 Waveform production reaches up to 160 MHz, made possible by a range of modulation techniques, user-friendly waveform editing software, and remote control capabilities. The 3082 Waveform has a wide variety of waveforms that can easily be generated due to the multiple-color display and straightforward user interface. The 3082 Waveform can produce precise, reliable waveforms due to its high-performance technology. The 3082 Waveform has two synchronous outputs for additional waveform flexibility and the ability to create differential waveforms.