Picotest G5100AGC Arbitrary Function/Waveform Generator

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The Picotest LXI Class C compatible 50MHz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator offers an exceptional frequency range, speed of rise and fall, and memory capacity (16 bit digital pattern generator). With 10MHz synchronization, linear & log sweep modes, burst mode, AM, FM, PM (PSK), FSK and PWM modulation, Picotest's G5100A is a versatile rental. It also includes remote control using LAN, USB, and GPIB. This unit generates 10 MHz arbitrary, 25 MHz square, and 50 MHz sine waveforms as well as pulse, ramp, triangle, noise, and DC waveforms.

This waveform generator uses digital synthesis techniques, producing clean waveforms with minimal distortion and a stable and accurate output. The interface panel provides quick and simple menu structure. Up to four waveforms can be stored.