Keysight 81180A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 4.2 GSa/s

Rent Agilent 81180A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 4.2 GSa/s
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Keysight 81180A
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The 81180A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 4.2 GSa/s offers convenient features that make your test easier. It is ideal for generating multiple waveform formats, so it can achieve interoperability between terrestrial and space-based communication devices.  Conveniently there are three different amplifiers with a variety of characteristics. The 81180A can switch between the amplifiers using the software application, the programming interface or the instrument’s front panel. In addition, the 81180A offers unprecedented channel flexibility.


  • 10 MSa/s – 4.2 GSa/s, 12 bit Arbitrary Waveform and Function Generator
  • 2 GHz IQ modulation bandwidth
  • 1 or 2 channels (coupled and phase coherent / uncoupled)
  • 8-bit external sequence / segment control
  • Up to 64 MSa memory
  • Advanced sequencing capabilities
  • 2 markers with adjustable width and levels, markers do not reduce DAC resolution