Tektronix AFG3152C Arbitrary Function Generator

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The Tektronix AFG3152C Arbitrary Function Generator is a 2-channel signal generator with options for 12 different standard waveforms. Tektronix AFG3152C generators allow for arbitrary waveforms to be generated up to 128 K in length at high sampling rates. On pulse waveforms, leading and trailing edge time can be set independently. External signals can be connected and added to the output signal. The Tektronix AFG3152C features a highly stable time base with only ±1 ppm drift per year.

A color TFT LCD screen shows all relevant waveform parameters and graphical wave shape at a single glance. This gives full confidence in the signal settings and lets you focus on the task at hand. Shortcut keys provide direct access to frequently used functions and parameters. Others can be selected conveniently through clearly structured menus. This reduces the time needed for learning and relearning how to use the instrument.