Tektronix AWG2041 Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 1 kHz - 500 MHz

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The Tektronix AWG2041 is a fast and deep memory Arbitrary Generator with its 1 GS/s sample rate and 1 MB execution memory (4 MB, Option 01). As with the entire 2000 Series family, the graphical user interface allows on-screen viewing of waveform editing and simplifies "what-if" test scenarios by easily allowing the creation of composite signals.

The standard AWG2041 configuration provides up to 2 V output or 4 V with the complementary output, each with 8-bits vertical resolution. The AWG2041 supports true Real Time Sequencing capability similar to the AWG 2021.

The Real Time waveform sequencer extends the effective record length output to over a billion points! The AWG2041 easily simulates signals where fine point definition and long records are required for simulating very complex waveform conditions. Direct waveform transfer capability makes the AWG2041 the perfect accessory for Tektronix DSOs.