Keysight 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer

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This product has been discontinued.

View the Keysight 35670A FFT Dynamic Signal Analyzer, DC-102.4 kHz

The Keysight 3561A is a versatile, single channel, real time spectrum analyzer with applications in electronics, vibration analysis, and acoustics. It is actually several instruments in one, operating in both the frequency domain and the time domain. In the frequency  domain it serves as a spectrum analyzer with ± 0. 15dB amplitude accuracy and 2 degrees triggered phase accuracy. Utilizing the built-in tracking noise source, it also can serve as a network analyzer. (Trace math can be used when phase response or high accuracy is desired.) Digital signal processing allows the 3561A to digitally synthesize 1/3 or 1/1 octave filters, providing a high accuracy, drift free octave analyzer. Operating in the time domain the Keysight 3561 A can be used as a low frequency digital storage oscilloscope. The 3561A contains a 40k sample time buffer and complete triggering flexibility, so waveform recording is easy. Time or frequency measurements can be stored in an optional non-volatile "bubble" memory for later analysis. Annotated hardcopy is easily obtained by pressing "plot". . . the 3561A will control HP-GL plotters and raster dump printers directly. All of these capabilities in one portable instrument make the 3561A a powerful addition to any bench, and with a standard HP-IB interface, the 3561A makes an excellent systems instrument as well.