Keysight 3562A Dual-Channel, Dynamic Signal Analyzer 100 kHz

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HP/Agilent 3562A Dual-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer
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Keysight 3562A
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Manual Specifications
64 µHz - 100 kHz, 2 Ch Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Keysight 3562A Features
Network, spectrum, waveform, transient analysis
  • Linear, logarithmic, swept sine modes
  • 80 dB dynamic range with full alias protection
  • High accuracy (±0.15 dB)


Frequency Response Measurements
  • With linear resolution FFT logarithmic resolution and swept sine analysis
  • Built-in signal source provides a variety of random noise and sine wave signals


Spectrum Analysis
  • On-line analysis of distortion, drift, modulation, and phase noise


Waveform and Transient Analysis
  • Analysis of waveforms and transients in the time and frequency domains
  • Array of triggering capabilities enhances both waveform recording modes.   Pre- and post-trigger delays can be specified


Keysight 3562A Specs
  • Measurement Range: 64 µHz to 100 kHz.  Both channels, single- or dual-channel operation
  • Resolution: span/800
  • Spans Baseband Zoom
    # of spans 66 64
    min span 10.24 mHz 20.48 mHz
    max span 100 kHz 100 kHz
    time record (sec) 800/span 800/span