HP Agilent 35650A Dynamic Signal Analyzer System

HP/Agilent 35650A Dynamic Signal Analyzer System
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The 35650A mainframe houses the system modules and provides power and cooling in addition to triggering and sampling synchronization.

HP-IB/Signal Processing Module - HP / Agilent 35651A is the heart of the measurement hardware.   This single module controls  and manages all modules on the system bus and is also the link between the measurement hardware and the Series 300 computers.

51.2kHz Input Module - HP / Agilent 35652A digitizes signals at a 262kHz sample rate.  A built-in 4mA current source and charge amplifier  provide complete signal  conditioning for  voltage, charge and ICP-type transducers.


  • Full Scale Voltage Range: 1.26mVp to 39.8 Vp
  • Full Scale Charge Range: -18 dBpCp to +72 dBpCp
  • Effective Sample Rates: from 0.5Hz to 262kHz
  • Dynamic Range: <-80dB relative to full scale

Source Module - HP / Agilent 35653A
Random noise and fixed sine wave signals are available in both continuous and burst formats.