Keysight 71603B Error Performance Analyzer - BERT

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HP/Agilent 71603B Error Performance Analyzer less than 90 ps
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Keysight 71603B
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71603B Datasheet

The Keysight 71603B error performance analyzer addresses applications for high speed digital testing up to 3 Gb/s, including R&D and manufacturing test of lightwave components and sub-assemblies, advanced computer technology and high-capacity communication systems.

For transmission systems up to 3 Gb/s, such as datacoms and CATV trunk feeds, the 71603B and 71603B Option 807 error performance analyzers (3 and 1.5 Gb/s) provide a range of PRBS and user-defined patterns with versatile triggering facilities.

Keysight 71603B Features
  • High performance 100 Mbit/s to 3 Gbit/s pattern generation and bit error ratio (BER) measurement
  • 1 bit to 4 Mbit user programmable test patterns
  • Low-phase-noise clock source
  • User-programmable patterns up to 4 Mbits with screen-based editor
  • Capability to trigger anywhere in the pattern
  • Variable clock/data delay
  • True complementary outputs
  • Automatic setting of data threshold and decision point
Keysight 71603B Specs
Bit Rate 100 Mb/s to 3 Gbit/s
Rise Time (20% to 80%) less than 90 ps
Patterns 27-1, 210-1, 215-1, 223-1, 231-1; zero substitution; variable mark density; variable length user pattern from 1 bit to 8 Mbits
Data & Data Outputs ECL or variable 0.25V to 2V peak-to-peak amplitude into 50 ohms
Clock/Data Delay 1 ns; resolution 1 ps
Data Input 0.5 V to 1 V peak-to-peak amplitude
Decision Threshold Range +1 V to -3 V, resolution 1 mV
Termination Voltage 0 V or -2 V nominal, selectable
Errors Detected Errored ones and zeros and all logic errors
Measurements Error count, ratio; errored seconds, deciseonds, centiseconds, milliseconds; and G.821 Analysis